Makeup Trends for Spring 2016


Spring Makeup Trends for 2016 :-

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Spring Makeup Trends for 2016

This spring you’ll see some dramatic trends like bold liquid eyeliner, exaggerated lashes and tropical eye shadows. After researching runway models and the latest fashion magazines we created this quick guide for you to achieve some of the hottest makeup trends you’ll see on our ravishing Boca Raton fashionistas. Here’s a peek at what we’ve found!

First, start with a clean, fresh and naked canvas. Skin that’s radiant and naturally beautiful may seem hard for some while others just have that dewy glow. Use a little bit of bronzer and a touch of peach or pink blush to give a little bit of color. The look you want is fresh and warm. South Florida is not an ideal place for a thick foundation or even powder since the heat and humidity can turn your favorite concealers into mud on your skin. Turn in your foundation for a great moisturizer and look for skin care solutions that give your skin the best appearance possible. If you’re older, remember drinking lots of water will plump up wrinkles and promote collagen production. Look for waterproof concealer to cover-up dark circles and flaws.

Next are the brows. Because your eyebrows are what frame your face, it’s important to look at these bushy friends as a way to make you look younger. It’s also a way to accentuate your eyes by defining them. Younger women can get away with filling in their brows with a powder that’s similar to their natural hair. Older women are choosing more gel eyebrow pencils as solutions. If you have blonde to gray or silver hair and eyebrows that match, select the natural colored gel sticks. These are great to redefine and they stay in place. Be careful not to draw in too much. The ‘tomboyish’ look is trending more so you want to look natural and not scary.


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