Ropa Deportiva - Nemik Mx

By // No comments: :- Sí. Ropa deportiva Nemik En el corazón de la ropa deportiva ideal está la comodidad. Ya hemos mencionado cómo la falta de confort puede afectar el rendimiento.

Interview with Sparkster Technical Evangelist - Shabeer Kirmani

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Learn about Shabeer Kirmani, his background, why he joined Sparkster, and what he sees as the future. Here about interest from large customers such as Nestle, Huawei, Cisco which we met at MWC 2018.

How is it possible to build software in 10 mins that takes developers a week? Watch to find out how the Sparkster Platform makes this a reality for non coders.

Join the revolution at

Booking Agents For Independent Artists

By // No comments: :- Booking Agents For Independent Artists :- Please come back daily to view our latest college concert booking avails. When it comes to college concert booking and entertainment, Main Stage always provides new and exciting entertainment for your college or university.

Seguro De Gastos Medicos

By // No comments: :- Seguro De Gastos Medicos :- Conoce más acerca del estudio PET-CT y cómo funciona. #PorqueTuSaludEsPrimero #MeLateCuidarme

Automatic Door Closer Washington DC

By // No comments: :- Automatic Door Closer Washington DC :- MDC Key Locksmith transfers a array of Automatic Door Closer Repair services and plan office security for many warehouses, colleges, hotels, schools and offices buildings in Washington DC.

Join the revolution at Sparkster.Me

By // No comments: :- Hear from people after they visited the Sparkster booth at Blockchain Expo 2018 in London. They'll share their feedback on our 10 Million Transactions Per Second claim, as well as the Sparkster No Code Platform.

Playeras para carreras

By // No comments: :- Playeras para carreras in Mexico

Techpreneur Interviews Series 2 - Now Available on The Purposeful Products Blog

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Techpreneur Interviews Series 2 - Now Available on The Purposeful Products Blog

Hear from people who have found success with their own tech businesses; sharing their personal experiences, marketing tips, and business strategies.


Need Development Packages or Funding for Your Films?

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Vanessa Frank here, host of "Film Talk". I'm excited to be partnering with an award-winning film development company to bring an exciting film funding opportunity to you.

Are you wanting to get your film project off the ground, but feeling like you just keep going in circles?

For years I've struggled with finding a solution for how independent filmmakers could easily and systematically get their films funded. I've seen people make all kinds of mistakes when it comes to film finance, and numerous careers destroyed because filmmakers didn't have access to the right support and guidance.

As an independent filmmaker myself I've experienced the deep frustration of not knowing how to get funding, and feeling like film finance was an exclusive club that I didn't have access to.

Then I discovered a method of financing films that takes the stress and confusion out of the development process, and provides a clear method for acquiring finance.

I'm so excited about this solution that I decided to partner with this organization myself, so that I could bring you this opportunity.

If you're looking for funding for your film, this is what we can provide:

Access to a line of credit for development funding (typically $100,000 - $250,000)
Complete guidance throughout every step of the development process (market analysis, budget, comprehensive legal documentation, distribution research etc.)
If we're sufficiently impressed by the metrics on your project, we'll even co-produce!

Information On Our Team:

The Managing Director has been nominated for 11 Oscars, with three wins, and has also won multiple Emmy Awards and BAFTA Awards
This organization is the managing member of one of the world's largest independent libraries of comic book characters
The team includes the creator of franchises such as "Cowboys and Aliens" and "Men in Black"
The team includes a specialist in the China-US film industry relationship
This organization is affiliated with one of the foremost film industry analysts in the business
Our funding expert has arranged access to more than $225 million in small business finance

As outlined in the recording, you will need to either have access to the required development funds or be deemed fundable by Film Funding LA to qualify for this program. You can self-schedule a complimentary evaluation with Michael Praver to evaluate your funding potential by visiting

Seguro De Gastos Medicos

By // No comments: :- Cuenta con los más altos estándares de calidad en servicios de salud. Certificado ante el Consejo de Salubridad General su compromiso es garantizar la calidad y seguridad del paciente.
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